Thursday, April 3, 2014

Off Duty

(top: Dressabelle | necklace: Lovisa | armcandy: white cuff Chinatown // beaded wristband Hollyhoque // studded wristband BKK | ring: Scape | bag: Kanken | shoes: Doctor Martens)

I have recently discovered a new-found love for pants, despite their tendency to emphasize the roundness of hips. I think it probably has something to do with the fact that part of my job scope involves me crouching in uncomfortable positions to search for documents on a shelf that is calve-height and crammed to the brim with paper-- doing this in a skirt is no mean feat. And so I begin my weekly routine of wearing pants on Friday, which is essentially the only day I get to wear jeans.
Black has also been creeping its way into my heart, manifesting itself in this monochromatic floral printed top from Dressabelle. There was a period of time when I was younger that everything I wore had to be black, but I grew out of that emo-teen phase, and eventually replaced most of the black items in my wardrobe with blues and greens and the occasional pink. But lately I've been eyeing a lot of black/white items, and my fingers are itching to just make a purchase. Perhaps it is time to play the game of 'how-long-can-hazel-last-before-buying-new-clothes?' (I suspect this feeling arises from the fact that I recently expanded my wardrobe and I now have almost double the space, which essentially translates to 'buy more clothes' in my dictionary.) 
This marks the very last post in which the photos are taken by my trusty phone camera, but I'm pretty psyched for future photos taken with my new Sony camera. (I cannot express my gratitude to my parents who probably have no idea what I'm doing with the camera, but still graciously bought it for me anyway despite the hefty price.) I'm looking forward to improving this blog, and this fashion journey of mine. 

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