Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vintage Florals

{top, Dressabelle | skirt, The White Carousel | shoes, Rubi | clutch, Charles & Keith | rings, Stroberi | bracelet, Pearlavish}
(Photos by Siu Farn)

When I first saw this top on the preview album, I knew I had to get it-- I practically camped in front of my phone waiting for the launch time so that I could rush in to buy it. Yes, I know, the things I do for clothes. So. A mermaid skirt. When peplum first arrived on the shopping racks and magazines, I thought, "well, great, why not put some ruffles around my waist that flare outward toward the butt/thigh area to emphasize how big they are?". Needless to say, I've never worn, and will likely never wear anything peplum, but I have seen people who look absolutely gorgeous in peplum (and I am so, so jealous) because peplum seems to be a staple in the executive world. Then, when mermaid skirts made their debut, my only thought was: "Ok, so it wasn't enough to put a miniature ruffled skirt around our waists, now we have to put it around our thighs too?". My sister, however, did not think the same way as I did and bought a black mermaid skirt, and then of course, I had no choice but to try it on. It did not look as bad as I thought it would be (but no, I'm not going to try peplum) and here we are, with brand new outfit shots featuring the mermaid skirt. 

It's been something of a hectic, or should I say, fat, week, because all I seem to be doing is rushing around meeting people, and eating all sorts of food that I would not normally be eating. Not to mention the Easter Feast the staff canteen served up yesterday. And tomorrow will be yet another reunion with friends, which will hopefully be refreshing and a much welcomed break from the mundanity of a daily 8.30-6 job. Not that I don't like my job, (I rather enjoy it) but I do miss the people I used to see daily.

I've been recently on the prowl to search for new items for my wardrobe, but I find myself sticking to the same old boring safe items, but at the moment I'm dying for a pair of perfect jeans that I can actually fit into comfortably. Also, fingers crossed that my vacation in June works out! 


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